DXpeditions always provide exciting challenges and we often encounter unexpected events. Readers of “Up Two, Adventures of a DXpeditioner” enjoyed descriptions of travels to many exotic corners of the globe but some folks felt the need for the human touch: “I want to hear what it really felt like, what you really experienced”.

So, here it is: 60+ anecdotes that describe what really happened. All of these events took place during forty years of travels with my radio but only a few of them are radio-related. Most of these stories are personal experiences and are written with no amateur radio jargon so hopefully may also be enjoyed by non-hams. It’s good to read about flights and hotels, antennas and radios, but now we can dig a little deeper and describe the unusual happenings. Some anecdotes are amusing, some dramatic and a couple are entirely bizarre!

Future DXpeditioners may pick up some tips. Long-in-the-tooth DXpeditioners may identify with some of these tales. Hopefully still others will simply find it entertaining. Here we read about blatant bribery, stupid airport security officers, angry policemen, heat-stroke, near suffocation, cabin fever, culture shock and much more besides. These, I imagine, are typical of events also experienced by other DXpeditioners while they are out there helping DXers to work new countries.

Your 130+ page illustrated and signed book will provide much DXpeditioning entertainment and reading pleasure. Send cash or a sterling cheque to: Roger Western G3SXW, 7 Field Close, Chessington, KT9 2QD, England - or by PayPal to g3sxw@btinternet.com - price: GBP £12, USD $20, Euros €15.


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